BOSS Executive Group is comprised of four main departments which provides a broad range of interconnected services that can be customised to suit the specific needs of your business.

We understand that operating within an industry that requires a considerable amount of manpower of highly specialised roles is critical to our clients. It is for this reason that BOSS does not simply “fill a name for any position”. We employ a large amount of staff, who are highly trained in specialist areas in order to effectively manage the on-going ad hoc and surge requirements.

At BOSS Executive Group we have the staff, resources and processes to deliver the right service for your needs. 


Our 24/7 National Operations Centre (NOC) responds to and actions reactive work orders and has patrol resources available for urgent responses.

In an ever-changing climate if the biggest in the business trusts us, you can too. BOSS has been the supplier of choice for dynamic brands such as Apple, Westfield, Myer, NAB, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and many more.

BOSS has an established team of security and guarding specialists who are trained, qualified professionals with multiple years’ experience in the industry. The deployment of our guard and corporate security team is tailored through individual client contract service delivery plans to meet the requirements, expectations and operating environments of the client.

The BOSS team has been involved in every major event Australia has to offer including the biggest music festivals, sporting, both continual and marque events such as the Commonwealth Games and Presidents Cup Golf. BOSS prides itself in the event space as being seasoned enough to make any event work, whilst understanding that your event regardless of size is what matters to you.

BOSS supports its standalone guarding approach with state of the art technology and innovations. The BOSS family is continually evolving in this space and looking out to keep up with current innovations to further secure your business.

Our Patrol service is designed to build a specific solution on a client by client basis. Each vehicle is dedicated to a limited number of sites and in certain instances, a vehicle is dedicated to only one client. Further to this we also work closely with our electronic solutions team to develop patrol solutions that are more effective than the traditional model.


BOSS Managed Solutions shared services department is able to assist with a business’s most basic financial needs such as Accounts Payable/Receivable to being able to ‘Hire A CFO’ for financial project work and any financial function in between.

Further leveraging our experienced BOSS Group teams, we are able to provide operational support, client services support and personnel based on the client’s requirements.

These services exist for companies that may need extra support to existing teams or do not require positions to be filled Full Time. Instead they are able to access highly qualified personnel when required, at any time.


BOSS Facility Management can provide a broad range of services that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.

Our offices in Melbourne provide suitably attired screened staff, including cleaners, general maintenance and landscaping personnel to over 20+ businesses. The success and continued growth of the facility management division can be attributed to both good old fashioned customer service and the utilisation of Australia’s most technologically advanced, transparent and accountable maintenance management system.

BOSS Facility Management can provide our clients with industry-leading facility solutions for businesses of any size.


Our training offers unique benefits for your business when looking to attract new workers to your industry or develop the skills of your existing workforce.

All training conducted at BOSS Executive Group is nationally recognised and within our sector of education known as being fair, flexible, professional and innovative.

We have partnered with a number of Registered Training Organisations, Job Agencies and Insurance companies to be able to provide a complete start to finish recruitment of staff for clients’ businesses.

We are able to seek out, vet staff to a client’s specific needs, provide any and all up-skilling that may be required, ensure they have appropriate uniforms to undertake the job and be fit, ready and willing and to start as soon as required.

We are also able to facilitate any industry specific re-qualifications or upskilling requirements businesses may have due to changes in economic and training environmental climate.

BOSS has the capacity to provide in-house and on-site training and briefing Nationally as well as distance learning and training with online courses and sessions via online platforms. This includes online interactive classrooms, electronic signature capture, live one-on-one document reviews and much more. 

The BOSS training and induction process ensures the quality of our entire staff pool is of a high standard and in turn develops a large employee base of well-presented and experienced staff. Our workforce will be trained and readily available for all client needs as required.

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